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Gina Tredennick » Homeroom - Room 4

Homeroom - Room 4

** 8/23: Planners were passed out today. The planner will need to be signed by you every day (Monday-Friday) for 20 consecutive days in order for your child to "graduate". After that, loving adult signatures are only needed if it is determined that your child would benefit with an extra checkpoint in the homework experience.  I will let children know when they have "graduated" and record it in the planner.
    It's helpful to set up a schedule or reminder at home so that your child quickly graduates.  If they miss a day, they get to start over again!  Aack!
    Also, please verify that your child has completed homework before signing.  We give time in class to write down homework.  We also write the homework on the white board.  Some children and adults find it helpful to develop a habit of writing "nothing" in a section if there is no homework for the day in that subject.
   If your child is consistently coming home with "no homework", please question this.  Although homework is not assigned every day in every class, there are several weekly and daily assignments that are fairly consistent.