Celebrate Our 4th Grade ED-venture!

Welcome Students, Parents, and Guardians!
We are delighted you have joined us! As a 4th grade "family" our vision is to care, share, and support one another in a respectful environment. Each child is important to us. We are our students' biggest cheerleaders. Challenging each one to reach his or her own potential is paramount. We provide stimulating academic and social activities that allow youngsters to develop into organized, responsible global citizens. There are many opportunities daily to cultivate creative thinkers who eagerly problem-solve, as well as embrace their mistakes. Our classrooms are safe spaces in which learners gain confidence as they participate independently and collaboratively with others. We are dedicated to helping students maximize their abilities and S-O-A-R to great heights as they discover their hidden gifts and talents. It will be a spectacular year of awareness and celebration! *IMAGINE* where we will go on our 4th Grade ED-venture!  
Your Team,
Mrs. Ingrassia and Mrs. Maeder
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Please complete the "Parent Brag Sheet" (a questionnaire about your child) that is distributed on the first day. Your valuable input allows us to get to know your child faster. Thanks so much for your cooperation! We are excited to grow and learn with this year's "new batch of cookies" (4th graders)!