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Our Partnership


Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are partners in your child's educational experience. Every child's self-esteem and dignity is important to us. We believe providing feedback to parents about social behavior is just as essential as communicating academic progress. Our classroom management discipline plan is based on the SIX PILLARS OF CHARACTER: Citizenship, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, and Trustworthiness. We establish protocols and procedures for safe learning environments with the students, and discuss acceptable behaviors and reasonable consequences in our "4th Grade Family Meetings." We use these opportunities to discuss respect and build relationships among students as they develop deeper collegial skills in the social-emotional arena. As students transition from third grade into larger class sizes, we promote independence and responsibility while expecting them to manage their own behaviors. To encourage these skills, students earn positive recognition and praise including S.T.A.R. Tickets (Stop, Think, Act, Review), and weekly rewards which include coveted "extra time" for preferred activities such as games or outdoor play.  Knowing that youngsters need encouragement and reminders, we generously offer redirection and positive acknowledgment during class time. However, when an individual continually "forgets" to act appropriately while interacting with peers or interrupts instructional time, he or she signs the Behavior Clipboard. Parents are notified via email or with a yellow"Behavior OOPS! Notice" which requires a signature. Since we are all stakeholders in your child's success, we appreciate your responsiveness and depend on home support. Students are assured a "fresh start" daily. We are happy to be a part of your child's life as he or she grows and learns in fourth grade.
Your team,
Mrs. Ingrassia and Mrs. Maeder