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Click parent or student to check if your book is within the AR system and if the book is at an appropriate reading level for your scholar.

Your scholar should be on Reflex for 15-20 minutes or until they reach the green light at the corner of their screen.

Log in INFO is on the back of your student's red HW folder.
Here is the Office 365 login page. All you need is your student's ID for the username and their password (also located on their red folder).
Book Orders offer a great variety of books that are at third grade reading level. While we highly recommend this catalog, ordering through Scholastic Books is completely optional. These Book Orders are sent home to help your child better develop an appreciation for reading and to help them build their reading fluency and accuracy.

All of our classroom Book Orders are placed online. The following information is provided to help you purchase books on-line for your child through Scholastic Books. We are not accepting checks or cash brought into school, so please use the information below to access the Scholastic Book Clubs Web site.

It's so simple! Here's how it works:

Class Activation Code: ____P974D___

• SIGN UP at On the parent page, click the "Don't have a User Name and Password?" link, then register for your own username and password. When prompted, enter the one-time Class Activation Code. This code ensures that your order is sent to us. (*You will be given the class activation code soon).

• SELECT the books you'd like to order from over 500 titles available online...and take advantage of online-only specials and discounts.

• SEND your order to us online by the 25th of the month. Books will be delivered directly to our classroom, as always.

Ordering online is fast, easy, and secure. Plus our whole class benefits thanks to the FREE books we'll earn with every parent online order.

Thank you and happy reading!
This is a great online program to practice your 3rd grade Math standards.
Have a great time expanding your craniums!
Please go to the portal to access Reflex Math,, and Office 365!
Kahn Academy
This is a free website that uses videos, practice problems and quizzes to teach students various subjects for all grade levels. We will be using the 3rd grade math content to continue to sharpen our skills in Room 9.
How to access:
1) Log into the PVPUSD Portal (
2) Student logs on
3) Student clicks Kahn Academy app
4) Select "No I don't have an account"
5) Type in ""
6) Select the Section (specified in HW log) and get started!