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Welcome to Room 9! 
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Show Kindness To Everyone!
Good morning!
Wow! How has December already started to fly by. Room 9 and I have had a blast focusing on the gift of friendship. We have found that the greatest gifts in life are free. Those are the ones that are centered around sharing kindness towards others. Stay tuned for their Greatest Gift paragraph in you scholar's Monday Folder.
Hooray! I bring tidings of great joy! Our class has donated enough funds for the December gift. Stay tuned to hear about our festivities next week.
Monday (12/17) - Music Performance at 9am in MPR (Students wear red/green/blue!)
Wednesday (12/19) - Gingerbread Houses (Thank you for all that have volunteered! See you at 1:45, so we can begin at 2pm.)
Friday (12/21) - Minimum Day & Book Exchange (Remember you must bring a wrapped gift by Wednesday in order to participate!)
Enjoy December!
Happy Holidays!
The students and I are enjoying each other's Winter Traditions. I am excited to chat about your child's progress in 3rd grade so far at Teacher Parent Conferences.
The students are expanding their minds while learning about famous inventors and what wildlife biologists do. Ask your scholar about how to observe an organism's traits? or What inventor they find the most fascinating?
Important Dates
12/4 to 12/6 - Minimum Days (Teacher Parent Conferences)
12/10 to 12/14 - Toy Drive via Team Kids
12/17 - 3rd Grade Winter Music Concert at 9am in MPR
12/19 - Gingerbread House at 2:20 in Rm 9 (Please come and join us parents!)
12/21 - Minimum Day (Beginning of Winter Break)

Winter Traditions - Project

Reminder: Due the Monday we get back (11/26)
1) Interview an older and wiser family member that know how/why family traditions started in your family
2) Ask that individual about your families winter traditions!
             -Who started it?
             -Why does the family do it?
             - What is it? Does it have a specific name?
             -What is needed for the tradition?
              -How is this tradition celebrated in your family? 
3) Write a beautiful paragraph summarizing your findings! Please feel free to add pictures or write more!
I can't wait to hear about how your family celebrates this season of the year!! :)
So grateful for Rm 9!
Good Morning!
I hope you are all enjoying your time off with family and friends. I am thankful for each one of you. What a special surprise to receive sweet thank you cards from my fabulous and thoughtful students. I am the luckiest teacher!
Mrs. Bray
I hope you all enjoy family and friends!
Good afternoon,
I have had a few parents and students be confused by the Factors Paper. We have been discussing if numbers are divisible or can be factored by 2, 5, 10, and now 3 for quite sometime in Calendar Math. This should not take too much time. The only challenging part should be the fours, but if the student has their fours memorized no big deal. If the assignment is too tricky and frustrating, just write a note for me on the paper please. 
11/15 -Dad's and Donuts at 8am in MPR
          -AAYF at 2 in Rm 9 (wear older clothes)
11/16 - Minimum Day (3rd grade STEAM Day!)
11/19 to 11/23 - No School (Thanksgiving Break!)
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy November Room 9!
This month we are going to focus on gratefulness and enjoying family and friends through many different projects and activities.
The students are learning about the first Thanksgiving as we read Thanksgiving on Thursday
Your scholar should be receiving a green light via Reflex three days a week. This week is double sticker week! I wonder how many green lights we will see on Friday.
Please help your scholar study for the S.S. Test this Friday! We made flashcards and have gone over the material in class. We will do a quick review on Thursday as well, so make sure to bring your study guide to class.
Important Dates
11/12 - No School (Veteran's Day)
11/15 - AAYF at 2 in Rm 9 & Dad's and Donuts at 8 am
11/16 - Minimum Day (3rd grade STEAM Day!)
11/19 to 11/23 - No School (Thanksgiving Break!)
12/14 to 12/6 - Minimum Days (Parent Teacher Conferences)
12/17 - 3rd Grade Winter Music Performance @ 9am in MPR
Fun Halloween Writing!
Good afternoon Room 9! 
On Friday we had a blast closing our Weather unit with an earthquake STEAM activity. Be sure to ask your scholar about their favorite part of the experience. We are now learning about communities in Social Studies. 
The students are working hard on their Haunted House stories, which will be ready for the big day next week...Halloween. Be sure to have your child wear "normal" school clothes underneath costume. The students should come to school dressed for the Halloween Parade, then the students will have a few minutes to transition into the rest of the school day. 
Please help your scholar practice his/her presentation for the Book Club Party! Scroll down for the nuts and bolts of the assignment.
Important Dates
10/24 - Grab Dinner at MOD to support VG
10/26 - Reflection Entries are Due
10/26 - VG Movie Night (Fun filled family event!)
10/28 - Sketcher's Walk
10/31 - Halloween Parade at 8:45am on blacktop by 5th grade classrooms 
Good afternoon Room 9!
Today (10/10) a blue letter will go home regarding the RHF (Run Hide Fight) conversations and simulations at school. Since we are a third grade classroom, next week we will practice a lock down drill (the students are use to this). We will be focusing on how to Hide and stay safe. There is no need to return any piece of the blue paper.
Consider signing up for the Sketcher's Walk on 10/28. It's a great opportunity to get the family together and do something active. 
We are loving Peter Pan! What fun adventures in Neverland.
Tomorrow we will be starting our subtraction and addition work problem unit. The goal is to gain more mastery with two step problems and use bar models as a strategy for success.
Our scholars are learning about natural disasters and will finish our Weather unit sometime next week.
We are elaborating our words in writing by showing not telling. 
Remember the Book Club Party is the last week of October!
Happy Reading!
Mrs. Bray
Happy Fall!!!
Room 9 is starting our addition and subtraction mental math unit. It is a challenging one, but the goal is to get students to learn various strategies to quickly solve a problem.
We are in the thick our our weather unit. Keep on the look out for different types of clouds! 
Yesterday, we took flight with John, Michael, Wendy and Peter! I wonder what Neverland will be like!?!
The students and I are diving into Close Reading. We are analyzing texts to identify key details, main ideas and character traits.
10/5 - Fun Run!
10/11 - AAYF in Rm 9
10/12 - VG Movie Night
10/28 - Sketcher's Walk
Week of 10/29 - Book Club Party Presentations!!        
Happy Reading!
Book Club Party!
Students will read a book and give an oral presentation on their assigned date (written on handout the week of 10/29) with a prop.
1) Student finds a book by Tuesday (9/25). This book needs to be 100 pages and within the scholars ZPD range (written inside HW folder). I will be conferencing with each student to make sure the chosen book is realistic.
2) As the scholar reads, he/she should be taking notes of key events. These notes will assist him/her as they organize their oral presentation.
3) For the oral presentation, students should be holding index cards (I have some if you need one or two) and rarely looking at them. The index cards should be BULLETS (incomplete sentences). Information for the presentation: title and author, summary (4-6 points to describe beginning, middle, and end), favorite part of the book and why, and share prop.
4) On the day of the scholar's presentation student should have: index cards (will be turned in), book, and prop. The prop is any item or picture that symbolizes a crucial character or event in the story.  
5) Have your scholar practice, practice, practice his/her presentation in front of you, a pet, the mirror, etc. This practice helps the students iron out what they will say and build confidence speaking in front of others. 
My students in the past have had a blast with this. I am excited to hear from everyone and learn about a few new books. Happy Reading!!!

Grammar Test - Thursday (9/20)

Your scholar has brought home his/her Grammar Packet to study for the test. Please watch the video above to review and have your student finish the packet. We will always only fill out half of the Grammar Packet in class, so the students can study by practicing the remaining questions. Topic: Subject + Predicate, Types of Sentences (Statement, Command, Question, Exclamation) and Commas (dates, listing, address)
Room 9 - Update
Room 9, 
It was lovely meeting all of your parents this week at Back-to-School Night. I know we are going to have a fabulous year with your parents and I supporting you together.
This week we will be starting Music on Mondays and Reflex is all ready to go. Who will get three green lights for a sticker on Friday? Will it be you?
We will have another Book Log due on Friday. Be sure to look at my remarks and suggestions on your first book log (in your Monday folder) to make this one is even better!
I am excited to see what your parents thought of your text-to self connection in your Sharebook. Remember you Sharebook is due no later than Wednesday. 
Running Club starts this week! Sign up to get your wiggles out before school every Wednesday and Friday from 8am-8:30am.
Mrs. Bray