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Valaree  Ingrassia » Welcome To Your 4th Grade ED-venture!

Welcome To Your 4th Grade ED-venture!

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Fourth Grade is a magical moment in time when children gain confidence and learn that they actually can be independentorganized, and responsible. We pride ourselves in designing challenging activities that engage students while making them curious as well as resilient. Students have opportunities to collaborate, create --and sometimes concede while working with peers --all skills necessary to be successful throughout life. Consistent parent communication and support is a huge factor in student success. Welcome to Fourth Grade!
Your Team,
Mrs. Ingrassia and Mrs. Maeder


4th Grade Supplies for Success - 2020

Be organized and prepared! Bring Supplies for Success with you on the first day of school. Remove from packages. Label items with your name.

  • Backpack with name (for hallway safety, no wheels, please) 
  • 1 sturdy, three-ring, zippered Binder 
  • 5 Folders to be used inside the Binder as dividers 
  • 2 8½”x11” Spiral Notebooks (college or wide ruled), 50+ pages
  • 1“Mead” type Composition Book with lines, 100 pages 
  • 5 sharpened Pencils with erasers
  • 1 Eraser (Magic Rub type)
  • Colored Pencils, sharpened, 8-12 colors 
  • Fine-tip Markers, 8-12 colors
  • Yellow Highlighter  
  • Glue Stick 
  • Small Scissors
  • 4 thin-tip Dry-erase Expo Markers, any color 
  • Covered Pencil Sharpener  
  • 2 black or blue Ink Pens 
  • 2 red Ink Pens for correcting 
  • 2 black Sharpies, thin-tip & regular tip  
  • Pencil Bag that fits into zippered Binder  
  • Pencil Box for inside desk   
  • Earbuds (small, inexpensive to use with Chromebooks)
  • Clipboard
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Baby Wipes, unscented

We will also kindly accept donations of the following items 

  • Ziplock Bags
  • Paper Towel Roll 
  • Squirt Hand Soap

Always have a \"just right\" book of any genre with you at school! Soon you will create your own \"Shelfie\"! Take AR (Accelerated Reader) tests in the classroom when you have finished each book.
Always have a "just right" book of any genre (fiction or non-fiction) with you at school! You can create your own "Shelfie!" and take AR (Accelerated Reader) tests in the classroom when you have finished each book. READ ON!